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IRESDES 4.0 Final Conference in Brussels on February 28th

The final conference for the IRESDES 4.0 project “Connecting Voices: Social Dialogue for Digital Skills and Smart Working”, is taking place on Tuesday, 28 February 2023 from 13:00 to 17:00 CET. The format of the event is hybrid and you can participate either online or in-person at the Office of Region Lombardy, Place du Champ De Mars 1/3 – Brussels.

While the EU is slowly recovering after the COVID-19 pandemic, enterprises are still getting used to the disruptive changes caused by it. This is confirmed by the latest DESI Index Report (2022), concluding that the EU-level growth rate for the adoption of digital technologies by citizens and businesses has risen, as well as trends of automation, increased numbers of common remote work, etc.

To this extent, over the past two years, IRESDES 4.0 project has dived into the developments of smart working and digital skills. Specifically, the project consortium has analysed the impact of collaborative labour agreements and other social dialogue practices in ensuring digital skills development within SMEs and how the presence of contractual ambiguity is still pending over smart working options.

On 28th of February, key recommendations to the social partners – including company and territorial levels – and decision makers will be presented in the project’s Final Conference.

The conference will also invite industry and employee representatives, decision makers and field scholars to discuss the social dialogue’s impact on digital transition and how it can fit into a rightful conversion of employees’ conditions.

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IRESDES 4.0 Workshop on the 14th of october in Venezia Mestre

COMPANY AND TERRITORIAL LEVEL EXPERIENCES OF SOCIAL DIALOGUE’ is a workshop taking place on the 14th of October in Venezia Mestre within the framework of the European project ‘Iresdes4.0’.

The project is implemented by Confimi Industria (lead partner), FIM CISL Veneto, Fondazione ADAPT and European DIGITAL SME Alliance, with the support of Confimi Industria Digitale, Confimi Servizi and IndustrialAll Europe.

The event will last between 10 AM and 1 PM at the meeting room of Cisl Veneto headquarter (in via Torino 103 in Mestre).

The workshop will attract local and European experts from industry, workers’ representatives and trade unionist, academia and other stakeholders, who will discuss corporate and territorial bargaining of smart working and training for digital skills in SMEs.

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Public workshop in Brussels on friday april 29th, 2022

How can social dialogue embrace digital skills for SMES?”. This is the title of the public workshop organized in the context of the project Industrial Relations and Social Dialogue for an Economy and a Society “4.0” (IRESDES4.0), next friday april 29th, 2022 in Brussels at the Residence Palace (Rue de la Loi 155) from 10 to 12 pm.

The event will bring together researchers, stakeholders and representatives from unions and employers to discuss different tools and instruments available for social partners to facilitate digital skills development. It will also look at the preliminary findings of the IRESDES 4.0 project and concrete stories and examples of how collaborative labour agreements and other tools (such as mutually agreed guidelines, etc.) can support skills development at the company sectoral and territorial level.

Almost two years ago, social partners signed the European Social Partners’ Framework Agreement on Digitalisation (Agreement). One of the key pillars of the Agreement is Digital skills, as it stresses an urgent need to prepare a current and future workforce and enterprises with the appropriate digital skills. Meanwhile, Digital Decade 2030 targets highlight the goal to reach 20 million ICT specialists in Europe and ensure that 80% of the population is acquainted with more basic digital skills.

Although significant progress has been made in the past years, digital skills gap remains one of the key societal challenges in Europe. In this light, collaboration among social partners has proved to be an important facilitator to develop digital skills in the European workforce.


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IRESDES 4.0 at the Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee for Telecommunications

April 13th, 2022- IRESDES 4.0 at Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee for Telecommunications  Working Group Meeting held by UNI-EUROPA and ETNO last march 21th. The research results were submitted by the project partners Sebastiano Toffaletti of DIGITAL SME and Margherita Roiatti and Diletta Porcheddu of ADAPT.

The Committee, held by videoconference in english, french, portuguese and polish, started with the introduction of the new SDC president, Mariana Guez, and went on with the section “Digital Skills & Training”, of which IRESDES 4.0 was a part. Other section was dedicated to the Third Party Violence project.

Also always current themes as remote working and sustainability have been treated in two different focuses. In particular, a  potential new project on sustainability was submitted, with attention on the role of social partners within the twin transition to transform into a just transition.

An opportunity of great prestige for the project IRESDES 4.0 which the partners can share the results of its research with EU stakeholders and experts.




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