Consortium - Iresdes 4.0

Project Consortium

The project consortium is led by Confimi Industria, Italian employers’ federation representing around 40.000 enterprises, supported by its affiliates Confimi Industria Digitale and Confimi Servizi.

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The consortium is also formed by:


European DIGITAL SME Alliance, Europe’s first and largest ICT SME association, representing more than 45,000 enterprises in total


ADAPT Associazione – an Italian research centre dealing with labour market and labour relations issues, supported by its affiliate Fondazione ADAPT


FIM-CISL Veneto – a regional Italian trade union organization representing metalworkers, with the collaboration of its affiliate – national FIM-CISL

In the framework of the project, Confimi Industria will provide inputs and feedback to the preparatory desk research and drafting of the state-of-the-art report, as well as the final recommendations to the social partners. Confimi Servizi will support Confimi Industria in administrative and financial project management, monitoring, risk assessment and quality assurance activities. Meanwhile, Confimi Industria Digitale will provide organisational support to one of the 3 expert workshops organised in order to foster collaboration and enable knowledge sharing among the social partners.

ADAPT Associazione, together with its affiliated entity ADAPT Fondazione, will contribute to conduct and promote studies and research in the field of labour law and industrial relations. Furthermore, ADAPT will lead the development of the project’s milestone deliverables: Report on the state-of-the-art and the Recommendations on addressing the smart working and on-the-job digital skills development within Contract Labour Agreements and social dialogue practices.

European DIGITAL SME Alliance will coordinate expert workshops, ensuring their smooth organisation, the coordination of social partners’ opinions and negotiation of common positions, as well as the recruitment of employer representatives from various EU member states. Moreover, it will plan and implement the project’s communication and stakeholder engagement activities, while ensuring the sustainable uptake of its recommendations.

FIM CISL Veneto will contribute to the experts recruitment, provide feedback to the main project outputs sustaining the approach of trade unions and provide organisational support to one of the experts workshops.


Finally, the project will be supported by an associated entity, IndustriALL Europe, committed to support the project by recruiting national workers unions’ representatives from across the EU to participate in the expert workshop.




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